GREG GUTFELD: The New York Times quietly admitted this fact about COVID (2024)



Greg Gutfeld: The COVID story is unraveling fast

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld discusses the latest reports about the potential origin of COVID-19 and the media’s narrative on the virus on 'Gutfeld!'

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. So there's this amazing new research suggesting the universe is more than twice as old as previously believed. Yep, just like those high school kids at the border. That was some red meat right off the bat. But it's 26.7 billion years old. Instead of 13.8, it only looked 13.8 billion thanks to Balance of Nature. Delicious. But do you know how they figured this out? They cut open one of Nancy Pelosi's kidneys and counted the rings, but astrophysicists were off by 12.9 billion years. They should do accounting for the Pentagon. I bring this up because it seems that we're always told one thing and years later find out it was simply untrue. The universe is 13 billion years old. Carbs are healthy. Wayne Newton was my biological father.

And now the COVID story is unraveling faster than Jesse's hair weave. The White House has cut off U.S. funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology after it failed to provide documents about safety and security. So that makes a lot of sense, right? Kill millions of people with a bioweapon, we keep funding them, don't do paperwork, and the bureaucrats pounce.

GREG GUTFELD: The New York Times quietly admitted this fact about COVID (2)

Security personnel stand guard outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan as members of the World Health Organization (WHO) team investigating the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus make a visit to the institute in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province on Feb. 3, 2021. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

So now they've outlined plans to block the lab from receiving future support. Joe Biden hasn't gotten this tough on China since he negotiated Hunter's fee. Yeah, but it's a case to lock in the barn door after the disease horse has escaped. I mean, look around. It's a little too f**** late, right? Remember, this is the place where the NIH was funding gain of function research on the virus. Because why cure diseases that exist when we can make diseases up that don't? And last month, Biden authorized the release of a declassified report detailing the lack of consensus among intel on whether COVID came from the lab or not.


That report even notes that scientists at the lab who got COVID didn't follow safety protocols. I think they were French-kissing bats. Don't knock it. Meanwhile, in a newly released chat and email section, the great reporter Michael Schellenberger details how five top scientists expressed belief that the virus escaping from the lab was possible, if not probable. But they, along with Fauci, led journalists and the public to believe otherwise.


Fauci still thought a lab leak was possible in April 2020, but that was one month after publicly claiming that it wasn't. But hey, a short man with a book to sell, he'll say a lot of things. Just a reminder. This will be out next week, July 25th. Be sure and order yours now, let's get me on the list. Daddy needs a new boat.


But Fauci and his cronies weren't the only problem. This week, the New York Times quietly admitted the CDC has been over counting COVID deaths from the start. According to their data from their own website, about one-third of recent COVID deaths attributed to COVID were actually caused by something else. And it wasn't from having dinner at Kat's place, but this means that those people died not from COVID, but from something else. The actual overstatement of COVID deaths fluctuated between ten and 30%. But there was never any understatement. Only over. Isn't that weird? It's never the other direction. So why inflate the numbers? Do we even have to ask? The CDC now has less credibility than the White House co*ke dealer. I mean, keep track of that stuff – [it's] hard to get. Especially D.C.


But the government and the media somehow believe the more COVID deaths we had, the better off we'd all be to keep us inside, to shut us down, to behave, to take the shots and like it. The mainstream narratives we're being fed to are no longer about information but shaping our brains. And you're not supposed to notice! This COVID data cited in the Times was a quiet, casual admission by one of the primary pushes of the 'We're all going to die COVID narrative' and was picked up exactly nowhere but here. You didn't hear about this. You heard it here. You're welcome, America.


If CNN had any ethics at all, they'd be running their COVID death tracker in reverse. Look, I know we're sick of COVID, but you can't forget that people weren't allowed to see their loved ones. Other health conditions were left untreated. And we're not supposed to notice that the suspicions we had at the time that were mocked back then turned out to be right? So as we gripe about people being uninformed today maybe it's the best thing for them because being informed ain't what it used to be.

Greg Gutfeld currently serves as host ofGutfeld!(weeknights, 11PM-12AM/ET) and co-host of cable news’ highest-rated program The Five(weekdays, 5-6PM/ET).

GREG GUTFELD: The New York Times quietly admitted this fact about COVID (2024)
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