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mushrooms in chicago. >> we're known for our creativity, and this could be our best creation. yet the nascar right on the streets of chicago, a lot of storms are forecast the atlantic and nobody is bigger. nobody is better. we are with the weather experts. this could be a storm of epic proportions. this one is hurricane hq. >> unfortunately, that's all the time we have leftme tonight. remember, you can catch me nodannes at noon on outnumbereky right here on the fox news channel. i' sean hannity's back monday. it is a huge news week this week. i'm sure it will be an b eveno e bigger one next week. so tune in next week, 910. sean's back. nxt havgutfeld next, have a gret weekend.

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i know, i know.] i'm the real hero. y so it's friday, so you knoww what that means. let's welcome tonight's gas rig. you want to see fireworks? just mention him e fire to ex-wife, actor, writer and comedian ndjamie lissauer. she just got she wants you to j know it's not jamie out republican. strategist aaron guarini. she's the toast of the town. jones town here at times. best selling author and fox news contributor gotfficer a hed he uses a volcano as a fonduew o pot. "new york times" best selling author, comedian and former. all right. h.

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>> fair enough. before we get to some new stories, let's do this. >> gary briggs left overs or it's leftovers where i read the jokes we didn't use this week. >> and as always w it's my first time reading them, so they . firs up joe machi as a visitingi angel and send him to the white house. yeah, it is funnnny.y. >> in an all staff phone callina made to olivia concerns, president biden was heard saying i'm not leavinghear. no one was sure if he meantt th the presidency or this mortal coil called earth. >> don't use that phrase enough online. conspiracy theorists believe joe biden struggled in the debateonline c because he was hit d with a directed energy weapon. this is called havana syndrome. although doctors havan it's more likely he was havana stroke

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as good might call. that was funny now is dems choos choose to replace biden. >> it could come down to gavinoi newsom versus kamala harris. interestin versug. one ca one candidate screwed mostnd of california and the other is gavin newsom. she put a lot of people in following the supreme court's immunity decision. sidet some worry i pt would give a president power assa enemies, which is why the feds have put stairsw ,solid food and words in protective custody, because those are his enemies. stares right. words solid food. see, it's funny, keith olbermann called for cnn to be burned down over their debate

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moderators performance . he also called for the execution of the local s who keep ringingd his doorbell and running away. that old shut in, accordingc to a democrat insider, j joe biden said he'll concede to a different candidateoe if pi he can't change public opinion opins. d ofxt few week we don't have that kind of time, said hi s doctor. n according to the y "new york times", biden's debate prep didn'tork times, stl 11 a.m., and he took a napever every afternooy afn wow. that's how jesse preps for the five. and i knew vanity fair article. >> there's a creepy photo appearing to shopyw rfk jr preparing to take a bite out of a barbecued dogo. he claims it's not a dog but a goat who gives it?wh >> i've killed both, said one

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woman. yester yesterday, everyone celebrated the 4th of july here in nyy c. instead of chalk, police are outlining bodies with ballpark franks bod franks thank you. a delta flight from detroit, e amsterdam had to make an emergency landing after they fed passengers spoileemergd food. one concerned man asked what happened to the rest of food o. every time. every time, jamie foxx says, finally broken his silence on his mysterious hospitalization last year.on the >> congratulations on his transition. >> police in new zealand hunting for a £400 womanun who assaulted a teenage boy d who aswith a pole while on th. apparently, he threatene.d

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her with a small garden salad. and in san diego, a sea lion charged dozens of beachgoers zens them. >> so that's why joy wasn't t on the view. all right. oh, boo yourself, boo! you're down to the news.y >> is it any wonder why hunter i is advising the big guy? nbc news reports huntesrs been biden has been joining white house meetings to stay close to his dadjoining e meetin post. it's quite a departure fromn, meetings hunter is usually in. >> you know, the ones know, th thathat begin with yout have vhd, do you? and that soru,t looks. >> so now hunter's political.wh why not? he's already a finger painter, amateur and an oil and gas expert. is there anything he can't do besides gettin g a real job? but it immediately deflates

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another hoax that joe kept his politics apart and away, tun from hunter biden. nope. it turns out hunter is the go to gut huntergoy, not just fi his shady finances, but for his political survivaly. >> hunter's presence at meetings has reportedly surprised severae atl top aidest who wonder why he's even there and why won't he closed his robe . those familiar with the matter said the reaction from some senior whit reae house officials has been, what the is happening? atis happebut hunter's reportedt the loudest voices telling joe to staedlyy in the race. so the future of the free world is right nowa being influenced by a guy who's done more drugs in a week than ozzie osborns uge did in the 19r . meanwhile, one week after t the debate, polls show joe support is slippinhells showg fd a nein a puddle of his own. >> a new cnn poll shows that if the election were held today, mp

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49% would vote for trump and compared to 43% for biden. so unlike the cast, the view, there's daylight between them. >> the same poll also that 75%ts of democrats would fare better with anyone other than joe as their nominee. with anyone other, including kanye west, kim jong un andm jog the cast of real housewives of gar-uey indiana. oh, yay. gary, indiana. and this scares democrats. so think about this for a moment. no's the disastrous polling and not the dying president that terrifies them. the fact is,inen the only democs calling for joe to step asidr je are those in danger of losing their elections. the dems in safe. they aren't saying anything. so it's not about joe's function, his electability, h and how that will damageow their chance s. tell so what's that tell you? that the dems only pretend to care about thnle country when

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they're power and not the country itself is in dangeri and the country is in danger thanks to a white house helmedba by a brainless, confused mess of a maned m now in full damage control. earlier today, the president sat downontrol with abc's garde. gnome george stephanopoulos. it's pretaped, of course, more carefully prepared and planneofd than a moon landing. but joe actually gave gutfeld ao statement before he sat down with george. it's actuall george.y our show'n time hearing from him since the debate start. look, look, look, hundreds are a great guy and he knows can really rehabilitate, rehabilitate the situation. >> right.o who knows more about rehab than hunter? he's donknowutehabe more rehabsn the property brothers and he said perhaps he didn't sleep enough at all. d t sleeyou need to pick me up . my medicine of choice.

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>> i left a bag of it in theo th white house for you. a no, thanu,k you. d i don't need it.e i don't do the powder. all right. all wise man once told me, don't dot sniff anything smaller thana a teenager's head. and he was eaten by cannibals. ,jamie, it's where you,av hunter, have a lot in common. he keeps failing ut inp. you keep failing? mm-hmm. wow. the audience doethence does nott when i rip on you, jamie. >> it's really me off. the whole family's here tonight? >> yes. that's whyreally p they're actu> waiting for you at the door. >> yes. mm-hmm. toni. e you make hisy ise >> of this? he's actually in the white house. yeah, it's in n. >> i feel like hunter being part of meetings at the whit e house is like when o the lead singer of a band lets his girlfriend plaa vay. greg: >> the tambourine? ye ys. e. you know, you just up there like. yeah, yeah, that's true.

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ohg: it's ue."ented, g, she's r. give her a chance. yeah. hunter did say he will leave as soon as he findce. y hes. his cocaine. he left. but, yeah, it's just. y favo just, you know, my favorite thing that you just showed. i had not seen it until we werhe on the show where it said when they were on cnn, the graphicsdl . 25% of people want biden and no then 75%.o th >> it didn't say who they wanted it. you said somebody else. eyomebody yeah, like just someb. >> as if a girl broke up ae up with you. and she was like w. one an >> i'm seeing someone. and you're like, who? and she's like, i don't know yee li andke it. just not you.ust no so it is so true. >> so, aaron, there's all thesee post-debate pollres that has trump just blowing biden out of the water. what d ing bio you about do you thinkly that is going to play any role in this? >> they're goinge in to just keep joe, because it's going to be kamala. if it's justit's goi t joe.nt >> but at this point, the decision lies with the president, whether or no decisio t he remains on the ballot in november. int of that pressure will come in two points. one, it will come from those

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down ballot races. ifon dow you are in competitivep senate races. and right now, because of joe biden, the mapete senas and iso new mexico's on the map now. virginia is on the map. othis is becoming veryd ha competitive and very hard for him to sustain and to donors. if people stop giving money, ifn people say, joe can't support you anymore, we're not going to put the dollar behind you, that is a cataclysmicfailur political failure, as if the debate wasn't enough. so if you are,e de i ultimatelyo believe that joe is going to make the decision and the willdecisionstay ild actually listen to about whether or not he would stay in the race is his family. he doesn't cars his e about advisers ,isn't care about the white house team. the only people he wouldrs oe hi actually to. and hunter is telling him to stay in. guys, not going anywhere at this pointim t theoing any. >> you know, advisers should a tell joe they are his family. c just confuse him. yes. hey, it's back. your brotherreg: yes better a lg time. hey, where is the ten grade yo? me? oh, cat, cat, cat. seems like we've been talkingwev

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about this forever and it's only been a week. >> doesn't been tal it kind of bugothe you that the democrats really only care about the electabilityu that . not that. like, we don't have aresi president right nodentw. >> yeah, that's politics, baby. don't call me pi t. >> it is. you. >> it it is interesting that they're going they thinkole this pretaped interview would solve anything. i mean, if it's pre-taped, ites doesn't count. right. like, i have a relationship analogcount. ay, jamie. like, let's say that you're. you get cheated on yourthen girlfriend, cheats on you, and then she's like, babe, i'm going to mak like a for youf me not cheating on you. >> like, if you're creating it, you can edit it however you want. i just. it's not hard. senten edit coherent sentences together. i mean, like there's a lot of stuff in that debate i'm sure would have been left on the cutting room floorrs simply because it doesn't makeee sense to the viewer. >> yeah, you know, froo m an

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editorial perspective, what's going on there? what do you talk about that you can't take a disastrous live performance and say, well, we'll show you with a pre-tapedd in interview. >> exactlyterview.. se i mean, are we supposed to be dumb? thll, they're assuming we are. yeah, they've covered this up now for. i don't know how long. so, tyrus, they keep the defenders of biden h keep saying, well, as long as he has important people around hi round him. that is right. saying that it's always been those people. yeah. and control. col? >> w. k ha i think what's happened is they've been running their game pretty wells happen. and i'm sure with most things like this historically, it's alwaysts a group that's behind that we can get all our policies is so much good. weur can do and we can you know, they and they virtue's narcissistic virtue how they'ret doing the best for the people, whatever. then somebod atever.y but somebody at the debate. so then the group then decides, oh, that with that person's to go. so i'm pretty sure during

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the meeting why they were scrambling the waffle to fi house trying to figure out whose fault this was. >> hgu whosem. dent j >> oh, president, jill pulled hunter off the bench. yeah. i need you to watch them. i need to watc, you in the rooe they're against us. this is what always happens with these little thingss what. and all history is they always end up having too many people, and then they start to splitman and we'll start to see the. we've already see the weird. we know we're starting to sew we the players are revealing themselves by those who stay locked in and those who startt. going, okay, i want out. so as this goes on, we're goin t to see more and more people. but hunter's there to protect the interest . his father and jill. yeah. so who's the otherl. side? and he's the rainmaker. yeah, remember that? that's wheres th the money comen from. up next, could mrs. obama quell the drama if you'll be in the new york area, like tickets to see gutfeld go to fox slash gutfeld and click on the link to join our studio audience in chicago. >> we're known for

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our creativity and this could be our best creation yet on the nascar ride on the streets of chicago chicago, it won't be hard to find someone to fix this. but before i started angie's list, different story. >> a lot has changed for us in angie since then, but the issues facing homeowners are the same. and the solution to skilled local pros get started at angie local pros get started at angie this is our last chance to help save thousands of holocaust survivors who are suffering in the former union today because of the needs that these forgotten jews have are something beyond any thing you can imagine. >> have you eaten this morning? plea half of it yesterday. yeah, but. and this is what she ate in twot days. >> one carrot sugar was supposedhis minist to be.

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>> please pray for me. the international fellowship of christians and jews began of christians and jews began this living in horrible poverty the we urgently neede food your gifs t of $25 now to help provide one survival food box with all of the foods they critically need for their diet. th seven people when you call right now, your gifts impact will be doubled to help save lives. it breaks my heart to know that there are holocaust survivors who suffer to this very day. now, with pensions of less than dollars per day, they livemetime in some of the poorest me. e. >> but i believe in god. but i sometimes feel maybe he forgot me. perhaps you could tell my story and i will find a match. i fa people would understad the better they got to. >> i face hunger again.iv please don't delayal foo, call,i

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or go online. or go online. now to help rushwill box to a holocaust survivor. box to a holocaust survivor. when your gifts impact will your gifts impact will be doubled to help sav >> this is what god wants fromou us. us. just fee to act now. if you hear god's voice, i'm asking you to act now. >> do it when it's on your heart and pray that they'll know in their final months that they're not alone. >> liberal city chaos. dave mccormack details how the turmoil is impacting batt

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the advanced nutritional support for active men. absolute free a story in five words. >> is michelle their only hope ? right? aaron, you're the political maven here. according to a new poll, you the a hypothetical matchup which are sometimes just anyway with trump michelle obama has the best odds of winning. what do you of that? is this like just. am i just gobbling dice liked political junk food here? >> it's not real. i don't think it's real. but this just shows s that democrats would have to throw the wildest hail mary at point to try and get this campaign back. oh, i sure can go with that. yeah, but. but michelle obama has beens sen clear and she's seen the inner workings of the white house that she's not interested . she has said she's not interested in being president. she doesn't want to be president. she doesn't wantinterestshe doee however, politicians lie until they start telling the truthli and in the sense that she could

12:21 am

lie all the way until she's like, oops, i'm on stage at theunti democratic convention and look at me. >> i'm the nominee. yeah, she said that it's not deonventio reg: shel. right. and that's a pretty strong answer. but. all right. joe biden, have somethin g in. remember, she forced kids to eat vegetables and.vegetabl >> joe's a vegetable, so that's unnecessary. >> but thank you. all right. is this story fullu. is this y? ld tak >> yeah, quite literally. you could take two. let's just say my two of my favorite presidents. let's ju saygeorge washington a lincoln, for obvious reasonsfo. they thank you. t and we kind of weird not to include them because i'dg th be clean this place up instead of sitting here up ie. he but if they came out of a timef machine right now says, we're going run for the democratic party, it will not change the overall message. you lied and conned the american people. no candidates going to change that unless you come forward about the people responsible

12:22 am

and they're not willing to do d that. so it doesn't matter who they put in thao that doet unless yoe an idiot. on the republican campaign, which we've been known to blow a leader to. no, it's true. cannot fumble. whic >> you can't this up, which means we'll find a way. we'r fine i'm. yeah, but just because just because the democrats, it doesn't mean the republicans are great. >> yeah you got always got to you got to keep your mind like they could do it. i mean we got some.ere. >> look, lindsey graham. anyway, i won't go there, but we'll get up the republicans put it and makem life in the basketball game. republicanaka baskets will get n the on the democrats and then loseemocrats by in the fourth. >> that's just what we there's got to be someont whate telling trump not to talk right now. >> oh, there is. there is. >> he has remember talk four years of experience and he's probably he's a different trump. so he's just like kicking back. you know, maybe they haveas try a bite down on something. >> yeah, that's i was tryingin to think is it like a no, no, no, like a ? >> did he journaling? he might - be there,

12:23 am

tranquilizing him on the golf course? nopeourse. . >> what if it what? o it's just the fact that it's not that big of a deal for trump, that this is justa dealfm some kind of like. >> it's like a it's like he's playing a video game. when does that matter? hat matt, yeah, exactly. as a matter yeah. but yeah, this is. wou this is what i would michelle obama would never do this, right? wh why wod shy would she want to dt she'd be like, you know what? no, thanouk you.anging o tons of netflix money and just hang it out. and being famous and having people like me, i like to be scrutinized i'd heavily again. yeah, you're right. why? no, you're right. she's the perfect life. she didn't have to do anything except count the money hang out love. >> yeah. check her kids, make sure they're not smokinmag. you >> jamie, what do you make of this? it's smoke? it's like college girl smokes. okay? way to send a bad message to children. l them >> oh, why don't you just tell r them do heroin catois?

12:24 am

that i was absurd. that was absur d. >> jamie so, michelle obama.memh >> yeah. you remember her? she was married to barack obam k a . i do. i do. first lady i do. yeah, i knew that their last name was the same. >> yeah. you know, it's quick now. i hear this one. politics professor said, like we shouldn't even spend timee ps this. it's this is all just a fantasy, which i think is the first time anyone's ever had aog fantasy involving michelle obama. >> yeah. and, oh oh, it's just rash. >> i'd be rude.e, i just think true. do you? how do you get to. i guess i'm not too open. rstand t the whole thing first lady thing, like how you get to do stuff because they husbandw yoto did stuff i t get like, you go like, you look at the resume and you go, okay, i got your resume. at >> says, you that guy. that's it. what t?hat's nothing i'm done on the back. you like my fiance is a doctor.

12:25 am

>> and like, what i wouldin have like tomorrow someone came in and i was like, hey, i'm going to do your iud s sick and they i've never doneevr it before. but she's she's describe dond or dinner. i think i got it. and in this case, greg is notbut a . this is our countr i know, ty ay done. >> and the iowa doesn't go like it, does it? >> stay in the. it's in the uterus. wait a minute. so you're using it. that's why. that's whys whi shou. >> that's why i should not be in charge of doing it. look, look i don't want to getoo into a debate over people having to have an iudng. it's racist, right? i'm not carrying, n >> it is racist.e to no one told me that was an was option. >> but you know what?s make but jamie does make a goodgood p point is i we're overlookingkint the fact that she's never run a businesst th or been in politl office, but we're just okay with it but that ware y withe dd

12:26 am

that with hillary. >> yeah, well, she was a lawyer, right? we also shows a lawyer i forgot about. >> and she was the secretary ste of who hillary didn't get paid with none. g this is coming from michelle obama's camp. this is more stuffa's camp to us to talk about that they don't like the fact that they were no president is pressing buttons sd right now. >> she deserves to be president for what she did to america'seserves to kids, whe nothing, because that kid, fat kids are jolly. >> and i love jolly kidsd . so wait, wait, wait. to be clear, kids don't smoke. but be fat. >> yes, jolly kids. well, you might as well go lose weight. you might as well tell them to take her on then. grass. ohto takn then, on up next y gun right are missing from late night. >> miss, you're on fire. i do not want to stop dropping all coal. >> dave. kelly jones. fly me to on july 12. >> we need to shoot the back

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12:31 am

according to a new study on late night tv shows, a whopping ady 4% of all guestse are liberal, in fact. rajust eight conservatives have appeared on the five major apper. ince octobeav br. that's a month, jamie. yeah. does this news surprise you? no. but i also thinkw yo it's interesting how you determine it. i think a lot of people it.e might not really be as liberal, but they pretend to be. >> or maybe they don't reallyt l carely one way or another.wa or. i mean, i don't think there's any way that just any possibly that just because you want to be an actor, that also means that you automaticallyo be thala have subscribed to this entire list of beliefs. i think that peoplvethis eire ae complicated than that. they're more nuanced than that. actor does not equal liberal. rd it just means you have to at least pretend to be one. and if you're an actor, you probably can. if ai go if you're a good one. why? if you're a good actor, yeah. >> gred. e to preten you know what, though? when you hear what rosie? isn't that all kinds se of problems that you have? anah, because i'm an actor and you're your bookings dropheo

12:32 am

dramatically when you don't show up for their stuff. up f good without it.but th but the but that's the thingat you shouldn't have to. nor you're political how you vote or how you think should. are talented.e doyo people want to hearbu your story but they're not interested in that. and yot they are interu kind oft the audience a little bit wrong. you said major showsf the audi.e they're not major shows anymore because of this. yeah. they're not getting their kickeus d by a littleervati conservative show every night becausvery nighte they're so bod to death for time. and now four times the sizee dal of the daily show. >> we are the weekly daily show? yeahy e weekly daily. e th and they win the daily. daily show. now we'rye the we're the daily show. but they are bringing every bu found comedian from the 80s and nineties to a host and taken. we're going to try to dig george carlin up and try to getr him on there. and you know what he wouldn't go on. yeah yeali andh. eal li >> and he was a real yeah, he he was.g: h e wajamie, you perform comedy oo

12:33 am

i've been told. yeah. >> have you ever beenhave on the ask to do these shows y? i did. leno was the last show i did.w a i thought he always dilwdrepres good presenting both. i remember colbert asked mh sido to be on and i go do what i do,e like 5 minutes of comedy. and he goes, no, no, i wans t you to dress up as a syringe a and dance. >> i was very surprised to find oufit cobra was still on there, and i just nobody watches that.i >> and if you read even further in the article, they say almost all guests were liberal, right? like nine or whatever it was, 94%. and then they went on tos d they the view. they said 100% of their desserti portionsd , very liberal and i like how you know you did that for me, did you? you said, i bet craig would like a view jokesaid. >> yeah. i assume those won't even make it to air. ohe thosen they do. i we leave it all in air. in my theory oc from these two little munchkins over here

12:34 am

about the numberle munch of of,t liberals. >> it has to d haso with public? . >> publicists? yes, right. it's roseanne. remember when, roseanne was on and she said all er w the publicistshen publici are y nutcase lefties, female lonely women. >> and they just push.[ >> and the actors like ife acto they don't do it, they lose it.t gig. what say you? >> iow it's not your fortesa, but pretend i can i'll pretend in for this. it's clear hollywood has a left leaning ideology and that's asg to be reflected in moremorep and more people in the industry. as a political communicatoeoe ia there used to be a lane for for late night shows, to b late a different approach to talking to voters in a new audience, in a new wayvoters. everybody remembersin bill clinton on arsenio hall. what a great momentonon or t th and late night tv. that's just not applicable anymore for conservative's as n you're not going to be able to. and if if i was giving any i conservative candidate of my the opinion on this, there is no

12:35 am

lane for you to go any of these shows and be successful unless your brandcessful is down, draa fighting and you want to get into a big brawl on broadcast television. other than that, you will not succeed going on these showsthau . the you're not going to reach the audience because the hosts are a reflection of the hollywood ideologycause ths ar o left leaning and it's so different from us. >>s niceoesn't to everybody. it doesn't matter what your political status may matteical . >> what is just happening. just ask. one quick thing, though, is the world is changin tworld g. >> it's like a great time to bee entertainment in comedy because it's no longer just those big. >> we have streaming and we have freaking. gutfeld like, yeah, you don't need it anymorn't need ie. we welcome you. you're welcome. all right.n' sometimes i don't think you appreciate me enough. i comeuapprecia home. o hit you're like, hey, what's up? i go, hey, i've got two hit shows. and thisd one says,th it's liks yeah, whatever. >> go over, wh thereatev. you know, i'm tired of it. tired of it? all right. i don't know what i'm about. >> don't go away. viewer mail is next in chicago

12:36 am

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12:39 am

we know you like that slot of this face. all stars, all new wednesdays on fox and watch anytime on hulu. >> you know, there's this thing age and it if you're over 50. imagine you could turn back the clock on your stiff achy joints by years introducing insta flex advanced. it's restored my joints without just temporarily masking my symptoms and without scary side effects. when you can find a product that can take that away to the point that you can live your life again, that is a miracle to me. good. a complimentary sample just by texting to 215215 insta flex advanced targets, the root cause of joint soreness and stiffness with a unique combination of five key natural ingredients key ingredients backed by five clinical studies. i love this product telling you it works. insta flex advanced is the number one selling joint brand of gnc, but you can only get your complimentary by texting bliss to 215215 plus text now and will include a tube of instant flex pain cream for fast acting relief. absolutely free text blast

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to 215215 today. yep. you're watching mailing it in, mailing it in.. >> it's a segment. on to we mail it in with your mail. first question, i'm going to gyr to you tires because you're to my right, california is hot. i don't know what that means. as if you could add aa ne new amendment to the constitution, what would it t bb >> justifiable homicide. justifiable homicidele. >> all right. but if it's justifiable homicide, is that already kind of okay? no, no. like things like unbelievably annoying, consecutive questions, saying things like, howeve e questir having said that, it was a cold. >> yes. all right. actually, people say some just to the point. yeah- yeah, freedom of speech. but you you say to justifiable homicide.

12:41 am

interesting. aggressive. yes. cat, first of all, i think it was california. scott. oh, california. scott. ow >> yes. i don't know. i feel like we don't people don't we need to actually care about the amounto s we have already. >> i want to like bring t back the 10th amendment. and that's what i woulhed i kno. what that is. >> but remind me what i heard. it's like if it's about if the government can't do it, if it's notcan' in there, likean't the government can't just, like, do whatever it wants. >> is thatr it wan what the 10t? amendment is? >> yeah. sae.e. for m >> i just explain it to you if i want to keep datos. greg yeah. if it'sf governmente the doesn't have the right to live with it. you're confusing with the court and talking about this is what i'm talking about environment. this is what i'm talking about. we don't add newt. amendments. >> people need to know about the ones that already are there. what's your favoritet's your amendm amendment? jamie ten. >> yeah, i believe two.

12:42 am

i believe it's. i'll explain to you. to y. t >> it's about it has to do with . it's it says you can't do it if' it's not in there. >> the amendment you would like to add, i don't know if this to bei want amendment sneaky. i really do want to push for a way to get t the show the view w off the air. we have to be sneaky. you have to. you'd have to have ae haveobe st all cast on a tv show that's really specific. >> very specific. aaron, i go for a campaign finance amendment that says no reportin cg and unlimitednati donations to campaigns. democrats complain about dark money,oncampaign but they playea money super pac game better than anybody else. rkuperthe first amendment says, i shouldn't have to tell you what's going on. government shouldn'tve tll be m. business. if people want to know what's going on in campaigns, you better be talking to you to knowri say officials. >> but i say let's allowle some freedom in these campaigns. w some the campaigmm.thank thanyok you.

12:43 am

i believe we should term limits for everything. every thing. well, to be fair, in my justifiable homicide 12 point plan that's in there and christie gnomes will be heading that up. thins wille s oh, yeah. >> archangel asked, what thing would you choose what thing would you choose if you had the power to make it disappearra ? >> so i wouldn't like, you know, a thing that you would just make disappeacoulr. >> go away, huh? yeah. don't look at me that way. >> back to you, greg. i'm not a thing. i'm nota human being.n bein >> jamie, is there one thing? yeah. i feel like everyone's going is say this, but my ex-wife, aaron

12:44 am

,i was going back and forth. probably middle seats on planes or the kansas city chiefs because i would like the buffalo billths to get to te super bowl. thank you. i'm sorrbowl. y. i just like the fact that she's going away or going to makem go the win because he would have lost that 30 seconds game, see? and wey woul wouldn't have lost that 13. sert would fall unde the criteria of my 12 point plan. haters going to hate. i regret nothing 12-pot plan wit anything for the bills to win a super bowl. i regret i'm going a su to just say said. edit that out now. >> no, i stand by what i said. cat laws that are in violation of the 10th amendment and ofrnmt which there are many. the government suggests to have all thess noo e powers are notps specifically listed in the constitution. du.h. >> i'm i'm i'm i would i wanted to say the dmv, but i guess i should just say that that amendment thiny --g would get rd of the dmv.

12:45 am

really? it would help bureaucracy. oh, with justifiable burea point out. you just really go. it's a journal. thank. >> i had another one, but imemb can't remember what it is. but there's somethinert itg also bothers me. but it's like, i don't know, justs like rude people kill theh all the time and guns w can't keep up with that. >> i know. what i f asks? >> pete reaffirms your belieff in the greatness our nation. aaron. yes, it is.i fe if i feel down, i put dow on the george h.w. busn,h world series game three first pitch out at yankee stadiurst pg right after 911, the strike right down the middle of the plate. if that does ihte middf t wearingr a kevlar vest, derek jeter says don't bounce it. they'l ter saysl yeah, it makes you fe, so good. >> i love that moment. lovew. >> jamie, i think she took yours. yeah, i was about to say to that now. >> i got to scrambleramble.

12:46 am

>> i was going to say, i think the greatest thing is our freedom of speec h is the best don thing. and even if it's stuff you don't agree with, it even protects like kamala't , likeal speech, that only includes five words for a whole speech or t on it protects biden, slurred speech, slurred speech is still speech. >> it still is. i think he takes private classes, but i think i think free speech is the best thing. ink it kind of goes back to that thing i said about you don't need the big networks anymore because we have all these other place becausesy what where you can say whatever you want, including this show and all our streaming services. it's almost likeevtg the sh becoming on cancer level. yeah, that's very, very, very astute young man. >> tyrus, what would i add to the nation? >> no, no. what reaffirms your belief? the greatness of our nation. what reaffirms my belief in the greatnes is of our nation that police officerswork are showing up to work. >> and that'>> gres good. eat, i got your suggestion

12:47 am

earlier, but i said don't mention me. >> so what else do you have? everagree with jamie. i think every day that i cann ru run my mouth and not get arrested for what i say, . which is beautiful, would happen in other places. >> ien ih, is i got a call long time ago. wit i'm just going to go with food. foiki really? t >> like the food and that we i get it all the time. that great. sometimes i just want food when i can. i can. non now w on a laptop and i canr therthing and it shows up when i was a kid, i used to thinkt there was this like, wouldn't it be great to invent a machinit eu co and you could make anything? now we have itwoul just involvel paying people almost no money to get to give it to you to help. and that's what america is all about. all right. a great weekend' great wees witl friends. >> you two don't land. what's wrong between get killed for her. it's going to consume both our families. oh, now, give me one more. draw this family.

12:48 am

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money back guarantee call 800 7104654 or visit lifelock .com slash 25 tv to save 25% on your first year of identity theft protection enroll now the supreme court immunity ruling. as the court decides on presidential protections, to duckduckgo on all your devie duckduckgo comes with a built-n engine like google, but it's pi and doesn't spy on your searchs

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and duckduckgo lets you browse like chrome, but it blocks cooi and creepy ads that follow youa from google and other companie. and there's no catch. it's fre. we make money from ads, but they don't follow you aroud join the millions of people taking back their privacy by downloading duckduckgo on all your devices today. >> if you love the birds

12:52 am

and trees and all the fishes in the seas, if you think of pets is as good as it gets, the sick man is my year. >> we hope your furry dreams come true. it's time to celebrateel >> friendsebrate. thank you. gf you.y i kristi noem. >> favorite segment. oh, jamie, you go first. all right, so i feel like i might have the best video of all time. we're goinall timeg to put up h, and it's about five or 6 minutes long, so i was not going to watchlong so whole the but let me just describe to you what the men in the video are thinking. they're thinking, oh, thes w the video e coming at us. and then this is a cow theno a and nowy they're thinking, oh, this can't get any worse. yeahthinking. t bu and then i hope it shows it, but there's going to be another going tor cocow that joins intom and what makes you feel bad about this? i don't believakese feele therel cow coming in. i'll believe it when i see it.

12:53 am

okay. let me b it, is this like, oh, , i've been here and here he goes, oh, this can't get worse for you. this way. thiswhat i and what? why? i feel bad, greg, as is is read about this story and this is just two cows that wanted to open a shop and didn't understandat how to go through sie proper channel. it's six more minutes and it gets better and better. bette i'm going to look that up online reminds me of some customer service people had to deal with. >> aaron i have two clips in there actually of my own ralph, who is named after former buffalo bills owner e naralph wilson. thank you very much. this would be the day ralph got neutered. we were sitting at our house and boom, cone of destruction. boom, conee yep. win >> oh, yeah. he turned into a battering rame. and almost got the second one. needless to say, that cone did not last i long. and you can see a little cameo by my fiance there. but yeah cam, ralph quiter on destructive. the other one is ralph is also a known thief. mm-hmmso a.

12:54 am

in the community, we have a hole in the fence between us and our neighbors. that is not our watering can. he stole that from the neighbor'ss no house. a he has also stolen a broom, a sprinkler, and the, a dog'shi collar. and this is him just deciding i'm going to do whatever the hect k want, and this is now my watering cans. >> so that is my eight and a half month old £5 saint four doodle puppy being a menace to st paw doodle. you know, i have a question. yeah, that camera always films filming your living room. yeah. oh i would never. oh i would, oh i would . there some stuff i don't want to watch myself do again. well i'm not, you know, i'm not interested in there watching, but i could tell you how much i love that dog. it's pure shenanigans. i got to keeh in.n dog isp an e. >> well, you know, you're not exploiting that dog. he's a thief he'. em t >> put himo to good use.>> i is he a thief or is he making ti suggestsef urchins becausem, it's like rake broom out of thew lawn and i want a new collar. yeah, i think.g, >> i don't feel likei feel he's stealing. i feel like he's saying, hey, .

12:55 am

mom, clean this place up. all right, here's what he got. what i got is, okay, so, you know, i have pets and kids. and every once in a while i get to combine them together. to c my read recently wanted to she wanted to do something she was like, dad, i want to beme your merch lady and pushrchantws your for your upcoming shows. so like, okay, cool. so i'm debuting. i got a neough m debutiw tour that starts i in september, and so i was like, where are we going to get modelscember was? i am also sponsored by i drink and like, where are we going to get models? that dad, i gots th the perfect models and she has the perfect slogan. we're going to try it ouslogan,t to see what you guys think. oh, how did that get in there? no. next one. thank so my tortoises were with my one drinsek, my tour, because you don't want to be late to the part ly. >> what do you think? mm. yeah. keeper and she went around the house and she took all these pictures up. >> i said no of the terrapins because there you can see back end. sorry ladies, gentlemen. but she took all the tortoises and took pictures with them

12:56 am

and the reason why she had to use tortoises is, is she gethees lost in her mind sometimes and forgets to put things back. sod forget in a tortoise, you g? >> yes. care, cat. all right, give us something. i have. a video also. >> good for you. yeah, you can just play it. okay. you there's a dog and his eyes are moving around with.i don' i don't know anything about this dog, but i picked a video because it was sent to me. yes. and i said, yeah, sure, that worksi said yrks.. >> that's a great story. cute though. just >> cute. yeah. like it looks like he just saw t geno mekristi noem behind her or rfk. all right, don't go. >> we'll be right back. this is keratin debris for a nail. fungus grows nunchucks, nail gel cleans out fungus by, removing keratin debris using neonics, 90% of nails improve,uv get clinically proven results. soa suyour bra it's money back .

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before there was an america here. real stories from real highlighting those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. this is their top gun school one or 2 seconds. it sometimes can be difference between life and death. between life and death. go to fox nation .co >> get your first year for free when the sawdust settles in the engineg about roars. the thing you care about is the thing you care about is a job well don you get your tools from harbor freight, something about the job feels different. your wallet, whatever you do, do it for less. at harbor freight just out a little better we're still the go to for politics breaking news. we've got so much more sports entertainment lifestyle bringing you the world. according to fox, jamie, liz and brady. >> get turn to studio discussions. that is thanksgiving. i love you, america. >> oh, i'm jason chaffet

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