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>> a quick programming announcement 10 and after this cnn presidential debate he will do posted debate coverage aisle be there with hannity live from atlanta and i will also be joining you for a pregame show at 8:00 pm as well with a lot of my colleagues brad martha and jesse it should be a lot of fun. we will hope you join us as well be left the best debate coverage on television. results are in for the last bowl no surprise 90% of people believe there is a 100% chance that fake news cnn will be pro- biden and bias during the debate tomorrow. that is our time set your dvr to never miss an upset of hannity let not your heart be troubled, a greg gutfeld will put a smile in your face after this. [ ♪♪ ]

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[ cheering and applause ] >> greg: thank you. i should bathe more often i guess. happy wednesday. tomorrow night is the much anticipated cnn debate happening in less than 24 hours meaning biden camp has sent a new list of questions. trump is expected to be asked tough questions likes solving the middle east while biden is expected to be asked questions like are you okay and can you

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hear me. squad member jamaal bowman lost his election bid last night in his concession speech he plans to spend more time with his family, exercising and hating jews said he would never stop fighting for the people who got him elected unless they die crashing into buildings. the new film a quiet place and day 1 is airing apparently it takes place at o'brien kill mead book signing. hillary is releasing a new memoir 17 days before the election promising to teach

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readers how to age with grace i guess that's the name of the chick bill is banging. lauren bo bert secured the gop nomination after tuesday's primary analysts credit her victory to a populist platform and hand jobs. we love her. just giving her a gentle poke. >> or is it a tug? new york city commuters lose an average of 100 hours a year in traffic talk about a loss of life says someone murdered on the subway. gallons of sewage runoff has led the closure of beaches no wonder

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gavin's hair looks like [ bleep ]. scientists in japan created lab groan living skin for robots to make them more humanlike the proto- type horrifying. you saw that 1 coming. let's do a monologue. if you are a counsellor for grief you might want to head to the dnc and packet toothbrush because you will be there a while if you look closely the left biggest cheerleaders are starting to recognize they hitch their wagon to the wrong horse horse barely able to walk nevermind run although he does need his stall shoveled out twice a day no wonder they are taking the new pulling so hard they are in the denial stage. how bad is the rationalization

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check out this clip of obama's former speechwriter on morning breath. >> you look at the polling for voters who say they followed the race closely getting their news from tv and newspapers. joe biden has a lead with those voters where he is struggling is among younger voters, black voters, latino voters, anybody who's not paying close attention to politics and of the reason they're not tuned in is because they are cynical about politics and are frustrated. >> did you get that. joe has a huge lead except with young voters black voters, latino voters, white voters all voters all that's left are dead voters with the democrats always seem to get at the last minute. the latest polls have trump support among blacks almost double last time with similar numbers for hispanics. trump is more popular blacks and hispanics then big butts.

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>> a pretty bold statement there >> meanwhile both groups are fleeing biden like he just asked them to stop talking at the movies. >> sometimes we do need to keep it down a little bit i'll give you that 1. >> all biden can do now is be seen with his only black friend but those whiny democrats you just heard from they are right voters are cynical but do they know why, cynicism is defined as a response to unkept promises a relationship biden is failing because he hasn't produced for anyone. to the average voter joe was worse and ineffective he's irrelevant and not part of our lives can any honest person look at the state of the country and say that somebody is steering the ship we have more confidence in cap'n crunch which is why you

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get the cynicism hopelessness if it was a fuel america would need to drill say what you want about trump but with that guy around there is no questioning he was in charge just ask it this 6 or so cabinet members he fired he goes for advisors the way jennifer lopez goes for husbands but more important trump did what he promised you might not have liked him but he produced in the standard of living was that her than now we had a border energy was cheaper than the hiring rick to jump out of the cake we didn't have wars flaring like global hemorrhoids the fundamental difference between trump and the biden voters trump supporters are optimistic about their vote but even democrats their own voters pessimists. trump voters don't hope and pray you'll make things better they expected he wants american to be great he offers student loans and taxes your tips it's a simple concept of reciprocity getting singh back what you put

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in like a waitress says i'm hilarious on the 5 as a reward i might go home with her. but american voters are simply not feeling reciprocity the come -- country knows like a job where you're constantly promise to raise is in a better office if time after time none of that happens well of course you get cynical especially when every time you were denied a raise you keep getting told by the boss we see her company like a family that's the biden white house it is a family but only his family gets paid which is why biden is the least reciprocal president in history not that the country feels like we are stuck with a partner in dc that doesn't care it's like we have 1 that doesn't even know if we were here or not that's the entire biden voting block but you can't find a cynic

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among trump voters because trump tries to reciprocate it's in his blood as a salesman all that's in joe's blood is formaldehyde. the biden white house feels like a one-way street that leads to a giant bridge that was destroyed by a containership instead of paying you back we have inflation high energy costs a deteriorating cities an invasion from the south giving a stream of foreign invaders and american victims. vote like your life depends on it may be because it does. let's welcome tonight suggests. he lives in a gated community meaning a playpen. writer and comedian joe devito. she had enough knowledge not to go to college host of emily saves america, emily wilson.

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so skinny she uses chapstick as deodorant near times best-selling author and fox news contributor cat temp and he can catch a cab with his bare hands year times best selling author and comedian and former nwa world heavyweight champion tyrus. so joy think is a comedian you must understand reciprocity you tell really bad jokes and people blew. >> exactly cause-and-effect. >> you think this dries the citizens there they feel like they have to vote for him even though he sucks. >> we talk about if trump is going to get a big part of the blackfoot right he's not unless the j and donald trump stands for jamarcus all of a sudden it's good is he seeing enough improvement there democrats will realize oh, we have to do sign for the people that we take for

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granted which is a bad thing you never want to have a voting block taken for granted. i think what we are seeing is that people are realizing they have other choices and to compare them. who is the guy angry and yelling and who's the guy smiling and looking like he's having a great time it's not usually the incumbent who is angry and yelling. we know that joe biden for them to keep them up great is enough of a challenge. we will see tomorrow when we have this debate bring as many advisors as they want it's going to be a bloodbath and i'm looking forward to seeing it. >> greg: i'm tired of bloodbath getting a bad name. it's really soothing after a long day of work. emily i feel like on the democrat side rate they have the cynicism towards joe biden but

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emotionally they are scarred like they don't know which is worse. what do you say to that? >> we swear these people out of stockholm syndrome and at this point they refuse to turn on any other news outlet only watching fox on the plane ride here and every thing to happen the couple years ago which is funny because none of it actually happened they still talk about it today walking down the street 1 of my neighbours doesn't know a dirty republican, so to speak, and sits there every day and is like i swear like the crazy hair having your coffee and it's like you guys have to admit it no matter how mentally ill you are your lives are way better especially as you say that. just so silly. they have that syndrome and i don't see it changing but i will say i listen to everyone's

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conversations. i am at the heart of los angeles they secretly voting this time and the heart of la is basically an anus. >> otherwise known as downtown los angeles. so how would you feel about the reciprocity in there. if he said is gonna do something even if he fails he tries. biden is not he really trying. >> i think he's trying. >> greg: you say that such pity. >> i do think it's hard for them to do the basics the daily life. it's kind of sad really. i think cynicism there is a lot to go around like they were record numbers of voters who are just not excited about either

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candidate. i do thank you are correct just based on nothing other than my own personal experiences that the only people i hear excited to vote for somebody are the people excited to vote for trump. like there's 1 right there. like the people who are just really okay am going to go out there can we devote for trump but as you mentioned earlier there's equally passionate emotion on the left it's just you know opposition to trump. i can say sincerely i haven't heard a single person say they are excited to vote for joe biden not 1 person. i have heard people say they remember crying, the passionate hatred can be a motivating force to. >> so basically the election is in between biden and trump is between not liking trump and hating trump.

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>> last ready tyrus. >> so to be clear which president promised a big booty girl and each cup because that would change things. >> that was bill clinton. >> i wasn't old enough the first time but the second time now i'll get it done. 29 fact checkers. >> greg: that's an excitement. >> big booty girls? the reciprocity i don't like the word for like you're picking on me when you say it. >> you know i retired tyrus. >> thank you for retiring and be embarrassed to go after you for a word i don't understand and get beat up by another's any coming back from that i wouldn't feel that towards you.

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>> obe great to wrestle. >> no matter what happens you win. if i grabbed greg and cho commit quick like tyrus you manhandle a smaller guy field onto my leg for a while and get weird i feel a little uncomfortable at some point i went through this with kill me to write for those that saw that no matter what happens you're going to win so i'm just going to stay in the chair here. joke take it from here. >> up next times won't be lax when checking the facts

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>> greg: 29 new york times fact checkers. emily, at tim of 25 reporters will do live fact checking during tomorrow's debates and a total of 60 journalists on hand to provide so-called a context and reaction are you relieved there is so many people looking out for us. >> i'm confused if a fact is affected don't you just need 1 why not why 29 week. >> and it's 90 minutes. >> journalist is loosely use these days but i'm sure all 29 of the fact checkers will be completely unbiased i'm sure and somehow all get the conclusion at the end that will be exciting >> of think they will be resting well joe was talking they would go we are good with him and then when trump starts talking they all the info forward. >> the interesting thing is even if they weren't biased it's

7:22 pm

already going to be harder for trump because remember biden's own justice department was like we can't charge her with stuff because he's a bumbling old man who doesn't know what's going on that's insane but that's what we say his greatest strength is his weakness because of trump lies trump is lying if biden's lying it's like well he doesn't know where he is yada yada is harder to get mad at someone who doesn't know where they are. people already out the mental asked strict of does he really know his uncle wasn't eaten by cannibals makes a harder for trump. >> have the feeling friday articles already written. >> will be 29 little panels the

7:23 pm

people sitting in it with half the screen on the tv win i can watch all 29 when it goes down we don't want to make sure there isn't a feelings checker there is will to stay on top of want all 29 of the screen. and what one's prisons talking we give thumbs up or someone's lined up at the l up if they weren't sure we get a bunch of these it's like maybe i don't know when biden toxic like this. >> j and jimbo. >> what happens when we get 54% of the fact checkers agree going to know who this is no secret jury want to know who's calling who a liar and stuff. >> should be total transparency joe just like your hairline.

7:24 pm

>> you think it will be so gruelling they will work in shifts over the 90 minutes some guy just 5 minutes takes a break another guy steps in. >> the break is when biden is talking how do you fact check mr magoo think that wasn't a kitchen that was a window mr magoo a thick it's funny how do they get biden through 90 minutes to they pump them full of at a role flow back to whatever he runs on only thing i can think is like remember the chest controversy where the guy had vibrating beats and his butts i don't even know if that would work. >> totally does just not in the way that guy wanted. >> that's why i won't wrestle in >> i fell on the beach.

7:25 pm

>> maybe that's the only hope to keep joe biden focus regardless rivers controlling it it's those feeds. >> greg: i thank you were onto something that they could have something on him to shock him might not be in his rectum, per se,. >> cocaine. cocaine. >> i'm okay. >> vegas just multiple level chest for trump. he's got moderators against him fact checkers, everyone is against him so the matter what happens he can say look at what they did of people fighting us. with the american people. quiet. what if trump reminds him they were best friends like they grew up together he'll believe them and then when you get oil cancer

7:26 pm

and i left and everybody called me corn pop it just got weird i just want to hug bro i miss my best friend if he went that route what would they do is joe. >> is a good trigger thing you should be calling joe senator. call him admiral biden. we have to move on. it's funny because it's true. what are we going to do. up next, biden reliance on screwing the science. disease... put it in check with rinvoq... a once-daily pill. when symptoms tried to take control, i got rapid relief and reduced fatigue with rinvoq. check! when flares kept trying to slow me down i got lasting steroid-free remission with rinvoq. check! and when my doctor saw damage, rinvoq helped visibly reduce damage of the intestinal lining. check! for both uc and crohn's: rapid symptom relief

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>> hello there got felled fans i hope you don't get too grumpy because it's time for this is [ bleep ] crazy. [ laughter ]

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>> you might not be clapping later. no if's answer butts they are making it easy to cut off your kids and that's. there's your beginning according to new documents obtained buddy the new york times by the health officials pressured medical experts to remove the minimum age limits for kids having trans surgery e-mails revealed the assistant health secretary rachel levine sought to have the guidelines changed because of the fear of political opposition so kids can't drive and can't vote or drink but can get sliced and diced like they're in a commercial and thanks to the pressure that so station for transgender health change standards of care not because of groundbreaking research there isn't any but because they were

7:32 pm

bullied into his can argue with dr levine she looks like my high school gym teacher and a fright wig. but it proves what long-standing critics of gender affirming care of known all along its radical gender politics trumping science and kids are the lab rats and no universe is this okay the hippocratic oath says first do no harm but in this case medicalized politics or harming kids setting them up for a lifelong medical ordeal and who benefits activists in the ghoulish and greedy medical establishment that wants patients for life. doctors get a fancy car and kids get a permanent scar all in the name of gender and affirmation. tyrus to me this is nuts.

7:33 pm

you people are sick. but this is the new york times so this is there is a shift going on in the media that before they probably would not have run this story. >> was struggling for me as it it's a personal family situation with every case being different and to politicize it because it just looks bad if i was in that position as traina make sure have been either identified black or got some kind of augmentation to look black and tried to pass it off there was say on wild and crazy but because it's a trans person at the top trying to push this agenda it's a bad look for trans people not want the government ever interfering with anything that has to do with me and my children if your child's going through something like that send them to therapy then you bring

7:34 pm

the physicians and if that's when you decide but nothing in his speech talked about the family or being a private choice we need to protect it were give us an example and age in this situation is hurt somebody or was harmful to somebody i believe individual didn't change to later in life as an adult so why are the interfering with family decision when it comes to care whatever it is mental health or otherwise that's the scary part that you can change a law or change something to benefit your own political gains is disgusting no matter what it is. >> emily win i was younger my sisters had to notify parents if you wanted to get your ears pierced or in my case other things.

7:35 pm

>> i think it's interesting the democrats the party of the people will do anything but address the mental health crisis which is 100% but this is i don't understand a logic. because it only a place of certain things going to let children at 9 years old go transition than okay on the way to transition them why don't get you give them cigarettes let them get tattoos and give them liquor if you say that. they would say that's insane and it's like oh so the permanent thing isn't insane but that's it totally acceptable. the logic has to go across the board i'm tired of them picking and choosing what's not crazy. >> your right they should be fighting in wars. why is the drafted 18 you can get your weenie chopped off at any age. doesn't make sense to me joe what say you this seems like a medical atrocity. >> you think we need to send rachel levine their previous gig

7:36 pm

of modelling on the quaker oats box. >> delicious. that's why you don't put an advocacy group in charge of science because what we need to see and there's reports about that you wouldn't let your child get a tattoo. when esther been a time in history where person said child sexuality don't tell your parents when is that ever been the good guy they do this in europe now we need to separate the lgb from the tea in the queue what we're seeing the early adopters in europe's of seen this doesn't help in fact the things they said like suicidal ideation mental health issues that they have the data so what we are seeing is the largest gay and lesbian conversion program of all time

7:37 pm

it was bad when sown was gay and they tried to force them to convert they sending him to bible camp a look at what they're doing now they mutilate the bodies of children can't think of anything else we would say there's something more evil than that. >> greg: crazy. feels like this failed a so-called medicine is in its infancy and yet they are acting like it's been around forever. i've never seen anything accelerate like this in the last 10 years. >> i grew foot tyrus said political pressure should have no influence on life-changing medical decisions and there are kids who transition taken steps to transition at young 8 ages who have regretted it and set a bad effect on their lives and that is awful and shame on any doctor who allowed political pressure to altar or influence a

7:38 pm

life-changing medical thing for any patient but especially a child there are people who have transitioned at young ages for whom it has worked and it was great for their lives i do know people personally who fall in that category. these are serious medications though serious treatments they need to be treated as such but i think right now we have 1 side only focusing on the times where it's been a bad thing for people and another side only folk thing of the times where is been a great thing for people. politics should never have any influence on these things altogether and a small government is my guiding principle not support of the government taking medical treatment off the table in any case be at this or cancer treatments or covid-19 or anything else. >> greg: to guess it goes over who has control over the kids and should be the parents. >> coming up thank you. i feel like i deserved that for

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[ ♪♪ ] >> greg: what the hell is she smoking to blame right-wingers for oakland. today's video the day comes to us from shane tell the embattled mayor facing a recall effort even after they rated her home for unknown reason she says she is innocent and will not resign watch. >> and not going down like that and we aren't going down like that i will not be believed and not be disparaged and not threatened out of this office there are a lot of radical right-wing forces who know they

7:44 pm

will never win an election in oakland fare and square they know their extreme views are at odds with our open values but they have built the rules to protect and preserve their power and maintain dominance over the rest of us. >> greg: so oakland is screwed and she's blaming the right wing. they have been calling the shots in oakland since josé can singco told mark mcgwire to juice in his ass. the bash brothers. you guys are too young for that. i'll be honest, whether oakland values? >> i was hoping you knew the answer to that. >> carjacking beating up asian women that was going on for a while pushing people in front of bart trains. >> you know it sucks about this is nobody knows what she is

7:45 pm

being accused of here. i reread this so many times looking for this what did you do i can find anywhere it's like when you see on facebook where you're scrolling and schooling wondering what happened what happened what happened next thing you know 3 hours have gone by and you still don't know. what did he do but usually you can text somebody we went to college with lego they cheated found out connected to the ipad it's always connected to the ipad. kids playing bubble pop or whatever in the mistress after that happened like 5 times. >> 6 and 7. >> whatever she is doing nobody is snitching and saying what's going on with the fact it's this under wraps is insane. >> so somebody calls your spouse on the phone it shows up on the ipad.

7:46 pm

>> and note to self. >> get an android. >> sorry, sorry. >> emily she sounds a lot like hillary clinton frame blaming this right-wing conspiracy for her problem's but there's a lot of bad [ bleep ] going on in oakland that has nothing to do with the right wing sumy could leave the policies there been pushed by the left so i don't know that's funny that she's like we are not going down like this if i was standing there it's who is we we didn't do anything wrong you're the 1 he did saying wrong we should be looking at you they will say don't you think it's kind of insane. you know what bad stuff you have to do to get in trouble as a democrat in oakland so she must have done something just crazy the gutter know what she did so she must have done saying really bad not exactly beverly hills

7:47 pm

there. >> there's nothing even to still in oakland were you gonna steal i hope they don't get me for the hubcap. >> i think of is the photo of car windows down and sign painted on it like there's nothing here please leave. >> it's 1 car jacked car. >> so joe she sounds like jamaal bowman in a way? >> i read through it here so much trouble she's in. the recall in the fbi investigation are completely unrelated. she has both those things happening at the same time i thought it was great because you have to know it's a bad press conference when the next day early were like we quit even o'jays lawyers didn't quit. but i can tell from the investigation it is something to do with her boyfriend selling influence of people for jobs and money going for a waste

7:48 pm

management company and you think okay i think she's italian-american okay. >> greg: tyrus i can't believe how much bigotry is on the show. >> your preaching to the choir. >> i know. not all black people are in the choir tyrus. talk about stereotypes. >> you know leisure stuff here as i throw this table at you. listen you know it's bad in oakland when the raiders laughed. >> and i got that 1. >> and they left for vegas what was really said was oakland athletics going take us with you

7:49 pm

as they are leaving as well. oakland not that there's many shining spots in california but if there was 1 place as you said so eloquently earlier was the devil's assets oakland middle of the summer and you wear hoodies because there's [ bleep ] everywhere. >> greg: up next will robot mouse a grin thanks tout m artificial skin? is a job well done. ♪ but when you get your tools from harbor freight something about the job feels a little different - your wallet. because we believe no matter what you're working on you need high quality tools at a great price. and that's what we're all about. ♪ whatever you do, do it for less, at harbor freight. ♪ home inspectors, general contractors, roofers; all kinds of pros recommend leaffilter. why?

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>> 5 more words. >> robots. robots will now have skin. japanese scientists have created a robot with lab grown skin that heals itself and mimics humanlike features including smiling and wrinkles. do you just assume scientists want sex robots? i think this is great. so now what i'm doing with my homemade sex robot we can do it missionary. for much more comfortable. >> that's a nice fruit rollup kind of look to it. this is what i want. i want them to develop skin that can give me 3 inches where i need it which is on the soles of

7:54 pm

my feet so i'm almost as tall as tom cruise. >> emily what happens of robots after they get the skin they just turn out to be better people than people, they are not irrational, not nothing they do is based on moods? we could create a whole race of mr spock class. you know who that is? >> goes on to say this way liberal men can finally have attractive girlfriends which is exciting but i would also like to point out that they wrote put on quote humanlike functions so people. >> interesting. that's where we are going. we are going to create something that we will believe is real and alive and we are going to have sex with it. >> exactly. it will be just a really hot appliance, and i don't mean a toaster oven that you left on for a couple of hours. that was my first mistake.

7:55 pm

i think it's really bad for robots to look like humans because you shouldn't be having human feelings for robots you have for humans except if you are murder. if your sad*stic murderer you can get a same throughout of killing a bunch of human looking probably would get expensive. but other than that that can be a great solution. >> that was the premise of westworld to kill and have sex with robots. and i don't know. would there be a stigma put to you having a relationship with a sexy robot? >> probably for me because it will download some way to -me all the time. and then i have to think of new racist things to say against my pink face labwork. we can't along with colour groups we have been you want to add pink and orange. come on let's get together. at first i was offended by this.

7:56 pm

is going to go off like shouldn't you be working on helping burn patience and then i saw what the skin looks like and was like no put on the robots. that looks like something from ihop. >> it does. you just have me thinking about like what a robot -would be like you don't interface with me anymore. >> you're not watching the show you don't need to play with your friends. nobody dresses like that in your age group. how many males did your kid miss to get that chain. that's my racist neighbour robot >> you used to reboot me at least once a week now it's never. don't go away will be right back. and our planet cleaner. to help us get there, america's plastic makers are investing billions of dollars to create innovative products and new recycling technologies for sustainable change.

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and remove any toxins in the mouth, so it'll deep clean your teeth and whiten your teeth without any sensitivity. find lumineux toothpaste at a walmart and target. >> studio audience for america. it evening i'm trace gallagher. it's 11:00 pm on the east coast 8:00 here in los angeles

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