Huge new £1.18billion 'pier' set to open at a European airport in 2027 (2024)

AN AIRPORT in Europethat has flights from the UKreveals plans to open a huge new "pier" within the next three years.

Pier A at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is expected to open in 2027 following a €1.4billion (£1.18billion) construction project.



Rather than something you might expect to find at the seaside, this new pier will be a long narrow building, also known as an arm, where planes can park.

The terminal expansion will include new facilities like additional gates as well as other "sustainable features" when it opens in 2027.

When it opens, the new building will spread over three floors and have a total of eight narrowbody and widebody gates as well as border control facilities and retail outlets.

According to Travel and Tour World, activity at the airport is expected to increase.

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Huge new £1.18billion 'pier' set to open at a European airport in 2027 (3)
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Huge new £1.18billion 'pier' set to open at a European airport in 2027 (4)
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They wrote: "As one of Europe’s major hub airports, any improvements at Schiphol will enhance the travel experience for millions of passengers worldwide.

"The new facilities and gates will likely increase the airport’s capacity, reducing congestion and potentially improving the efficiency of airline operations."

Initially planned for 2012, the ambitious overhaul has been pushed back because of a series of construction delays and debacles.

According to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, costs for the project have increased to €1.4billion (£1.18billion) because of repairs and delays, with the airport shareholders agreeing to a €300million budget increase.

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The new area is expected to be operational by April 2027, with construction set to finish in December 2026.

World’s biggest airport to open by 2030 with six runways and 120million passengers a year

Sybren Hahn, executive director of Schiphol Infrastructure, said: "We are pleased that we can now confidently look ahead to a new completion date.

"The complicated Pier A project clearly went far from smoothly under the previous contractor.

"We will get the keys to the new Pier A in December 2026, after which we'll conduct operational testing of the new systems and hundreds of colleagues and airport partners will learn how to work in the new environment."

Meanwhile, Robert Carsouw, the airport's chief financial officer, revealed that it was working airlines about new airport charges and investments.

It is not yet known which routes will operate from the airport's new arm.

Plenty of other airports inEuropeare also being revamped in a bid to increase capacity.

Katowice Airport, Poland

After hitting 5.61 million passengers in 2023, the airportannounced a massivefour-year improvement project.

Its main upgrade will be a new central passenger terminal, with the 527,000sqft building having new jet bridges and a new tunnel connecting the airport to thetrain station.

The two-storey terminal costs around PLN950million (£186million). will have a new check-in and arrivals hall, as well asasecurity area, passport control and departures zone.

Work is set to start on the upgrades later this year.

Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain

Last year, airport management company AENA unveiled its ambitious renovation project worth a staggering €2.4billion (£2.1billion).

Terminals one, two and three, at Madrid BarajasAirport, will be refurbished as part of the expansion, with the renovation estimated to cost €700million (£607million).

Meanwhile,terminalsfour and five will also be expanded, with those plans reported to cost €1.7billion (£1.47billion).

It is thought that the combined projects will be the eighth largest of its kind inEurope, at an already existing airport.


Huge new £1.18billion 'pier' set to open at a European airport in 2027 (9)
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Huge new £1.18billion 'pier' set to open at a European airport in 2027 (10)
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What are the passport rules?

The Sun's Head of Travel Lisa Minothas explained exactly what Brits need to know.

"Travellersused to be able to roll over up to nine unused months from their old passport onto a new one.

"But post-Brexit, anyone wanting to travel to the EU can no longer rely on those extra months.

"In order to travel to the EU, allpassportsmust be no more than 10 years old on the day you arrive in your European destination.

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Meanwhile,Pontecagnano (Salerno) Airport, near the Amalfi Coast, hopes to open to passengers thissummer.

Several UK airports have also announced huge new projects, includingEast Midlands AirportandLondon Gatwick.


Huge new £1.18billion 'pier' set to open at a European airport in 2027 (2024)
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